Spiels Oli

Oli Spiels

Product Specification Architect

Name:Spiels Oli
Date of birth:08/18/1984
Address:Chicago, Illinois
Senior level professional excelling in leveraging technology to contribute to an organization’s goals and overall strategic objectives. Solid understanding of product development and architecture, built on a foundation of graphic design, social media, and search engine optimization. Comfortable working in non-traditional work environments, under intense pressure, rushed deadlines, and out of the box thinking. Proven ability to build and manage teams and develop high-impact personnel.



1. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

College of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science
  • Major: Marketing, Entrepreneurship
  • Minor: International Business
  • Unearned: Graphic Design

2. Sophia University [Tokyo, Japan]

Faculty of Liberal Arts Student, Non-degree International Business Student



1. U4G Group LLC [Lincolnshire, Illinois]

Vice President, Product Architecture
  • add somin about somin
  • specs
  • templates
  • process
  • team buidling
  • product development

2. unite4:good [Wheeling, Illinois]

Senior Manager, Technology & Strategy
  • Created or developed all functional requirements and SOW for the unite4:good social platform. Worked with external developers to ensure that delivered functionality matched requirements. Scoped out tools and dashboards to facilitate onboarding, end-user registration, local events and programs, and pilot programs.
  • Developed and managed an outreach strategy that resulted in over 1,100 non-profit registrants in key cities around the US. Improved each step of the onboarding process and increased conversion rates over time. Led and trained the outreach team, and ensured the team reached specific targets and goals every month.
  • Helped organize networking events by coordinating with local administrators in key cities that led to end-user and organizational registration in addition to developing relationships with local influencers and potential partners.
  • Created monthly KPIs for NFPs and EUs and ensured that they were met in a streamlined manner across all outreach channels. Ensured proper documentation, organization, tracking and reporting of all KPIs.
  • Created all outreach documentation including FAQs, benefits, and email templates.
  • Managed video production manager and delivered over 150 profile videos for non-profits while remaining significantly under budget.

3. SunGates Center LLC [Wheeling, Illinois]

Consultant (Strategy, Technology and eCommerce)
  • Consulted on several key SBUs, including eCommerce, internet radio, online education.
  • Refined all copy, including mission/vision, about, brochures, and web.
  • Developed several promotional video and micro sites.

4. Honda & EDventure Partners [Chicago,...

Lead Intern, Advertising & Design
  • Lead a team of seven interns on a project to design, create, and implement an innovative and integrative marketing campaign for the 2010 Honda Insight targeted at GenY on the UIC campus.
  • Created and assisted in the design of 20 print ads, 2 videos, 2 banners, event t-shirts, taglines, logos, and slogans.
  • Campaign generated over 1 million advertising impressions through multiple media channels.
  • Post campaign surveys documented a 209% increase in awareness and 74% increase in purchase consideration.

5. Bright Future International [Wheeling, Illinois]

Senior Manager, Technology & Strategy
  • Developed all functional requirements and SOW for the Bright Future Ambassador (BFA) social network.
  • Developed and managed a comprehensive internet-based communications strategy that included the corporate website, BFA social network, and planned BFI international websites. Worked with internal teams to ensure that electronic content engaged audience segments, led to measurable action, and remained consistent.
  • Worked with external PR agencies to ensure that brand identity and positioning was measurably enhanced through clear and consistent messaging, assuring that a consistent brand identity across all internal and external materials. Refined the BFI “core” messages to ensure organizational consistency and developed strategies that enhanced and focused BFI’s brand image.
  • Coordinated with all BFI partner organizations and organizations funded by BFI to ensure communication guidelines where followed, and consistent program updates and reports were submitted.
  • Worked with Fundraising and developed collateral with graphic artists, printers, TV and radio production specialists, web designers, etc. and assured on-time, on-budget delivery. Assisted with design, development, distribution, and maintenance all digital and print collateral including, but not limited to, newsletters, brochures, and reports.

6. University of Illinois [Chicago, Illinois]

Intern, Marketing
  • Analyzed incoming student data pertaining to on and off-campus housing for projections.
  • Assisted Marketing Director with ideas for UIC marketing and campus housing in order to maximize on-campus residency during the academic year.
  • Worked on brochure layouts, reviewed campus tour procedures, and recruitment mailers.

7. Variacity Open House [Chicago, Illinois]

Digital Media Specialist; Owner
  • Designed and revamped PowerPoint presentations, brochures and promotional materials for local businesses and clients procured via word-of-mouth communication on a freelance basis.
  • Restored damaged photographs to reproduce their original condition by removing water damage, light damage, cracks, and discoloration.
  • Manipulated photographs by adding and removing objects, moving and replacing people, removing imperfections, and modifying and replacing backgrounds.

8. Sophia University & Ohayosensei [Tokyo,...

Tutor, English for Business
  • Tutored working-professionals in spoken English to improve their casual and professional conversation skills.
  • Worked with small groups of students on speaking, listening, comprehension, and grammar skills.
  • Responsible for creating lesson plans, providing educational materials, and scheduling lessons.